CMF to develop online toolbox for STEEP CarbonTrans
October 2023

CMF is developing an online interactive tool for the STEEP project at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg that aims to visualise the STEEP CarbonTrans concept, emphasising two key waste management processes: "Pyrolysis" and "Gasification." These processes are designed to reduce carbon emissions and to retain carbon dioxide within the system.

The biggest challenge is to translate these very complex chemical processes in a way that sparks people’s interest and motivation to learn about them and their resource savings potential in different scenarios.

Building and designing interactive tools that are based on scientific datasets is not new to us. We draw on our successes in building applications such as the Transition Pathway Explorer or the My2050 UK.

All in all, the project requires many of the things that make us tick: Being able to understand complex scientific processes, and presenting them in a clear and understandable way for users, thus supporting transformation processes towards a sustainable society via creative means.

STEEP-CarbonTrans is an interdisciplinary initiative at the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany, and evaluates carbon feedstock alternatives for a low-carbon economy in the raw materials industry. It seeks to develop a methodology for evaluating products and processes, analyze carbon-based products in the chemical industry, understand societal perspectives, and provide recommendations for education and engagement. Together with CMF, another goal is the development of an online toolbox to support sound, grounded decision-making.

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