CMF partners with TUM on forest management project
October 2023

CMF is the communication and dissemination partner in the project titled “Trade-offs in optimising forest management for climate mitigation, forest stability and ecosystem service provision.“ The 4-year project is coordinated by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and funded by the VELUX Stiftung.

The project addresses trade-offs and uncertainties in climate-smart forestry and develops concrete forest management strategies by using process-based ecosystem modelling. Why does this matter? Because the impacts of extreme events, such as droughts, storms and heatwaves, and related disturbances such as fires or pathogen attacks cause large uncertainties for forest management. Realistic forest management simulations are therefore crucial and may help to inspire a more holistic approach for the future.

CMF will facilitate a dialogue with stakeholders and experts in the field of forestry, as well as disseminate the project results to practitioners and stakeholders. The main target group are forest owners, because 60% of European forest areas are privately owned. But who are they and how do they commonly use and consume media? Understanding the information sources and user-preferences of the target group will inform our choice of media production in the project. In addition to the typical communication tasks (website development, social media and visual appearance) we will also facilitate a co-creation process for content production together with the stakeholders.

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