June 2022
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LOCALISED is a European-funded research project that started its work in October 2021 and will contribute to making information on decarbonisation pathways more accessible at NUTS 3 level. To achieve this goal, the project team will downscale national decarbonization trajectories consistent with Europe’s net-zero target to local levels in order to create two interactive digital tools which will be provided to local authorities, citizens and businesses at NUTS 3 level:

  • The Decarbonisation Profiler for municipalities, regions and their citizens, providing information in all 24 EU languages.
  • The Net-Zero Business Consultant tool. 

The team of the Climate Media Factory is responsible for various tasks during the project like for example coordinating, structuring and implementing the stakeholder engagement for the co-creation process of the digital tools as well as the development and implementation of the LOCALISED Decarbonisation Profiler and the application programming interface. The Communications Specialists of the CMF will moreover develop a continuous storytelling strategy to participate in the discourse about climate neutrality and the European Green Deal right from the beginning of the project.

These tools which will be developed throughout the project duration will be the first ones existing in Europe to enable local authorities, policy makers and their citizens as well as businesses to identify viable combinations and best practices of (sectoral) mitigation and adaptation measures and how to implement them for NUTS 3 regions in Europe.

LOCALISED starts precisely at this point, because changes need to be implemented above all at the local level, in order to counteract climate change and give NUTS 3 areas the possibility to take changes into their own hands. We are very happy to be part of such an important and pioneering project. If you want to know more and stay up to date you can visit the LOCALISED Website or follow the project on social media.

More Information: https://www.localised-project.eu/

LOCALISED has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101036458.

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