Animated Video: Explaining confusing climate protection jargon
#ClimateProtection #ClimateJargon #Animation

When the German Environment Agency - Umweltbundesamt (UBA) was looking for someone to script, design and produce an animated explainer video that scrutinises complicated climate jargon, we knew that CMF would meet the challenge: with our sound knowledge and understanding of the physics and politics of climate protection, we selected the terminology and conceptualised it to suit not just the German, but also the international context.

We take great pride in not just being creators, but also experts in the issues that we handle. In this case, this enabled us to translate difficult-to-access concepts into a witty educational resource that offers precise definitions of confusing terms alongside entertaining animated visuals. Tailored at a broad audience, the video helps clear up conceptual misunderstandings, especially those that risk scaling back climate policy ambitions or that undermine climate protection.

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