RAMSES – On Urban Resilience
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On Urban Resilience is a project that arose from the RAMSES project which was funded by the European Commission. The aim of RAMSES was to provide quantitative evidence on the impacts of climate change and the costs and benefits of a wide range of adaptation measures, with a focus on cities. Cities are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, especially to heat waves and flooding. While there are effective and proven strategies to adapt urban spaces to future challenges, it requires a good overview to find the right one.

On Urban Resilience is an interactive guide for cities and municipalities that addresses precisely this problem. It presents scientific findings and relevant experiences to help decision-makers assess upcoming climate change-related shifts and develop appropriate responses. The platform has a unique navigation system that allows users to either explore it on their own or to be guided along themes. By choosing their individual thematic approach and level of detail, users automatically receive a tailor-made learning experience on the topic of urban adaptation.

„This really is a treasure trove of information and experience on the topic, so well done!”
Rasmus Valanko, Director Climate and Energy,
World Business Council for Sustainable Development

“What a great resource!”
Amy Howden-Chapman, Associate Editor,
Urban Omnibus by The Architectural League of New York

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