EUCalc – Transitions Pathways Explorer & How to Net Zero Europe
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The European Calculator is a HORIZON 2020 project which ran from November 2016 until February 2020. The scientific task of the project was to develop a sophisticated yet accessible model that bridges the gap between integrated economic climate-energy models and the practical needs of decision-makers. This model provides decision-makers with an easily accessible, user-friendly, dynamic modelling solution to quantify sectoral energy demand, greenhouse gas pathways and social impacts of lifestyles and energy technologies in Europe.

As part of the consortium of 13 organisations from different European countries, CMF was responsible for developing the interface for the final model called the Transition Pathways Explorer (walk through video). The TPE allows users to select a European share of the global emissions budget, explore the required ambition levels in all sectors across all member states, design their own pathway and explore its consequences, potential trade-offs and synergies. CMF furthermore supported the communication of the project with the concept and design of three explanatory videos.

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