Climate Vulnerability Monitor Biophysical Data Explorer
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CMF developed the visual interface of the interactive map for the Climate Vulnerability Monitor (CVM3) biophysical data explorer. The Climate Vulnerability Monitor is an independent global assessment of the impacts and risks of human-induced climate change. As a digital database, it is a tool which can help policy makers understand their local climate challenges, argue at COP and make better decisions for a resilient future in their countries. In November 2022, our CEO Bernd Hezel presented the CVM3 Data Explorer for the Climate Vulnerability Forum at the COP27. Watch the presentation here.

On the other hand, CMF also produced five so-called Impact Stories from different locations where people experience climate change first hand. While the data explorer makes in-depth detailed country specific projections of climate impacts and risks more accessible, the impact stories show what these numbers mean for people in their everyday lives already today. We hope that these stories can motivate decision makers to push for faster and efficient climate mitigation action and adaptation finance.

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