Climate Vulnerability Monitor 3: Impact Stories
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To accompany the scientific report Climate Vulnerable Monitor 3, which examines and summarises the impacts and risks of climate change by the end of this century, we produced so-called Impact Stories from five regions that are particularly vulnerable to climate change. The online application presents some of the findings in a narrative and exemplary way using a mix of media formats like video, photos, interviews with local experts and people affected by climate change, text, and interactive elements. We worked together with experts and filmmakers from the respective countries, and included their perspectives and knowledge.

By using the storytelling tool users can learn about the impacts of climate change in different developing countries and understand the urgency to mitigate climate change, while also exploring how ambitious climate policies would limit the impacts of climate change compared to a 2˚C pathway.

The impact stories take us to Bangladesh, where environmental lawyer Hafijul Islam Khan explains how rising sea levels will lead to mass relocation if CO2 emissions do not decrease anytime soon.

In Ghana, farmers rely on maize cultivation, but due to climate change, there is an increasing risk of crop loss and rising food insecurity.

In Kenya, century-old customs like traditional pastoralism are at risk because the likelihood for droughts will dramatically increase within the next decades.

In the Philippines, hundreds of thousands of people are already affected by extreme rainfall each year, and the increasing likelihood of extreme rainfall and resulting flooding will lead to further loss and damage.

And in Saint Lucia, the availability of freshwater is declining as total rainfall is projected to decrease significantly by the end of the century.

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