Climate Change Adaptation and Health
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Climate Change Adaptation and Health is an animated short film which aims to inform viewers about the impacts of climate change on human health in a way that is entertaining and easy-to-grasp. The film wants to raise awareness for the urge to implement adaptation measures in the health sector worldwide in order to increase its resilience and responsiveness to negative climate impacts. Thus, the film informs about the direct and indirect consequences for human health caused, for example, by natural disasters or changes in environmental conditions. These changes can, for example, increase cases of malaria and dengue fever. The film explains why the health system must be strengthened on all levels and diseases must be monitored, compared and analysed in relation to climate data. Doing so would enable need-based planning in the health sector and other areas.

The animation was translated into German and French, as well as several vernacular languages like Dendi, Bariba and Fongbé and was screened at the International Competition of the 5th Iran International Green Film Festival (IIGFF) in 2016.

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