CMF wins open-call for animated film
September 2023

“Climate neutrality”, “greenhouse gas neutrality”, “CO2 neutrality”, “emissions reduction”, “natural carbon sinks”, “technical carbon sinks”, “net-zero emissions”… the list of confusing (and often willfully misleading) climate jargon goes on!

To clean up the common misunderstandings related to the above-mentioned concepts, the German Environment Agency, Umweltbundesamt - UBA, has commissioned the CMF to create a short animated explanatory film.

We are excited to take on this new challenge and to effectively contribute to a better understanding between stakeholders and counter the weakening of climate action.

Stay tuned to see the result!

#umweltbundesamt #netzero #climateneutral #climatelies #climatecomms #klimakommunikation #climateaction #negativeemissions #climatemyths

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